10 Best Things To See In The UK

With its rich history, distinct member nations, and rich culture, the UK is a fascinating country to visit – offering something for everyone from the lone traveler to loved-up couples to groups of family and friends. If you are planning a visit to the UK there is so much on offer it will be hard to decide where to start – so here are some hints from the people at stonehengevisit.co.uk after some research with visitors that toured the ancient stones.

Top Ten UK Attractions

1. Stonehenge: Obviously, this had to be first. This mysterious stone circle has longed to capture the imagination of all who see it. Set in the stunning Wiltshire countryside just outside Salisbury, the imposing silhouette creates a haunting and unforgettable impression on visitors. This World Heritage Site offers audio tours as well as a gift shop offering souvenirs of the Stonehenge experience.

2. Ben Nevis: The highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis is situated outside Fort William in the Scottish Highlands offering great opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast.

3. Angel of the North: Situated just south of Gateshead near Newcastle upon Tyne, the Angel of the North sculpture towers over the surrounding scenery creating an awe-inspiring effect. Antony Gormley’s imposing piece stands 65ft High and has a wingspan larger than that of a jumbo jet – it is believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world.

4. Buckingham Palace: The Queen’s London residence offers imposing architecture, stunning military spectacles and a chance to feel close to the pomp and circumstance of Royal life. Open to the public in the summer season, with the Changing of the Guard offering a year-round spectacle.

5. Hadrian’s Wall: This ancient line of defense was built when the Romans failed to conquer the Celts in Scotland and decided instead to fortify their position in England. Once the most heavily fortified border in ancient Europe, the remains of the wall are still standing today, stretching from Northumbria in the east, to Cumbria in the west and crossing some of the most spectacular countrysides in the north of England and Borders.

6. Giant’s Causeway: This volcanic rock formation on the northern shore of Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland is a magical place, rumoured to have been the stepping stones used by an ancient giant to cross the Irish sea.

7. Beaumaris Castle: This World Heritage Site on the Welsh Isle of Anglesey is, even though it was never completed, one of the best-preserved examples of medieval fortification in the country.

8. London Eye: Sitting on London’s trendy South Bank, the London Eye is the largest Ferris Wheel in Europe and offers an exciting new way to experience the city. Climb into the enclosed pods and travel to the top of the wheel to enjoy stunning panoramas across the city and, on a clear day, beyond. Special experience packages such as champagne receptions are offered for special occasions

9. Loch Ness: The home of the fabled monster, Loch Ness marks the entrance to the Great Glen. Take a cruise on the Loch, visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle, or settle on the shore for a spot of Nessie spotting.

10. National Gallery: Occupying one side of the world-famous Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is an art lover’s paradise, housing amazing examples of everything from the old masters to the pointillists.