Great Deals With Travels to Croatia

Follow the Croatian coast by ferry, from island to island to the south: each island is like a treasure that we discover. The children were dazzled by the diversity of the ports, lovely: special mention for Rijeka, very Austrian, Split, steeped in history and Korcula, magnificent with its red roofs and green sea. When we wake up, we stop over in all these islands that we would have liked to visit when we obviously don’t have enough time, it’s almost a real cruise in 24 hours! For your Travel to Croatia here we have the following information.

Canoeing on the lake of Mljet Natural Park:

A beautiful natural park wooded with pines, with two large saltwater lakes (Malo and Veliko Jezero). We rented canoes and took a little tour, not hoping to go far with it, or even to reach the island of the monastery, it is too tiring with children and there is often a strange wind which makes it almost impossible to return! Then we bathed for a long time in the really hot water of the small lake, in which giant mother-of-pearl live. The monastery, built by the Benedictines in the 12th century, is a nice boat trip. You can also rent bicycles to ride.

Hand Fishing

Hand fishing on the quay , in Prozurska Luka (island of Mjlet). As soon as breakfast had been swallowed, the children settled down at the edge of the water, wire in hand to catch small fish. The fishing trip continued with swimming from the dock and diving competitions, while mom and dad had a coffee on the terrace of the tavern, quietly, yes, it happens! Just next door. A quiet and charming place: few tourists sleep on the island, most only come for the day to visit the Natural Park at the other end of the island.

Practical Discoveries

Discover the cave of Odysseus (Odisejeva Å¡pilja in Croatian), in which Calypso, the nymph with beautiful curls, held the hero prisoner for seven years and tried in vain to make him forget Ithaca and Penelope. A great opportunity to tell the Odyssey to children, but also to take a nice walk! The landscape is absolutely splendid, the magic cave: you enter it by swimming and you can get out of the water once inside. The ideal is to have a small inflatable boat to take the youngest to the cave. The cliff is naturally stepped and marks announce the heights for the jumping competitions. The children are surpassed after exploration! (not recommended of course if the sea is rough) They loved this exceptional place and we returned there twice.