Jameson Vacations Reviews Bahamas Fun Facts

Whenever people think of the Bahamas, they think of the white sand beaches. But for a fact, the Bahamas has a lot of unexplored and unique places and locations to visit.

Especially for tourists, it is not only about the white sand beaches, bluish-green seawater, palm trees, or those serene sunsets by the beach. There is a lot of history, cultural stories, natural wonders, and several other activities to experience in this beautiful country in the northwestern region of the West Indies.

The Unexplored History And Attraction Of The Bahamas

Being a surprising fact to the people, the country of Bahamas has 700 islands and islets in it. Also, more than 2000 coral reefs, popularly known as cays, are found here. As per the Jameson Vacations Reviews the Bahamas is a place beyond beaches and cays. It has some unseen places and activities to explore.

Being the perfect dream destination for many, the Bahamas has various activities, such as swimming with the pigs at the pigs’ beach. Pigs inhabit an isolated island in the outlying Exuma Islands. It is known to be one of the biggest attractions for tourists there. The pigs will swim near your boats and with you, depending on their liking and mood.

According to the Jameson Vacations Reviews and a lesser-known fun fact, the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movies were shot on the exquisite beaches of the Bahamas! Yes, you have heard it right! The film was shot spotless and far from Freeport by about 25 kilometers, the gold rock beach.

People generally use this beach for swimming and snorkeling. Still, it was utilized as a filming location in 2 successful parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Various Other Activities To Explore In The Gorgeous Country Of The Bahamas

There are exciting and peaceful cruise experiences available for tourists in the Bahamas. Not only this, but there are other activities, such as:

  • Snorkeling or scuba diving at the Andros great barrier reef
  • Riding the “leap of the faith” water slide at the Atlantis
  • Ardastra Gardens and zoo convention park with flamingos
  • Relaxation at private blue lagoon islands
  • Swimming with the tiny and safe nurse sharks at compass cays
  • Eating various delicacies such as conch and fish fry, exploring distilleries, etc.
  • Deep sea fishing and much more

There are numerous adventurous activities and different kinds of beach exploring in the Bahamas. All you need to do is plan your travel accordingly to enjoy most things and have a memorable and relaxing vacation.