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Real estate is every fixed asset that is valued with money and is difficult to move from one place to another without damage and fit to be a store of value. Its real origin, but it was put in order to serve the property as long as the property remains, maybe the most important website example is la casa property, such as a water station inside the land that serves on that piece of land, it becomes a property by allotment from a legal point of view.

Conditions of real estate allotment:

-It was originally of a movable nature, but it became an integral part of the original property.

-The owner must own both the original real estate and the real estate by allotment, not just one of them.

-Real estate by allocation is placed for the service of the owner of the property and at the will of the owner.

-That this property in the assignment remains for the longest possible period in the service of the original property.

Some real estate terms:


Mortgage, as one of the legal forms of transactions focused on real estate, means that a person places a property that he owns, whether a vacant piece of land or a residential, industrial or commercial house for one of the parties, whether financing agencies or an individual, and at his disposal for a period until the mortgagee pays the amount of the mortgage, otherwise from the legal point of view, the mortgagor has the right to carry out the legal actions of selling or renting the real estate subject of the mortgage, but within the limits of the mortgage amount only, and the rest is the share of the mortgaged debtor.

Real estate appraisal:

 This process is carried out by a “real estate expert” or “property valuer” who determines the value of a property based on special data from its location, its condition and its current price in the same or a similar location. You can ask any of these questions on lacasa Property , whether for the purpose of selling, buying or even renting and determining the rental value.

Real estate development:

It is a comprehensive process in the real estate investment mechanism as a whole. The real estate developer is the director of development, Such As Orascom Development For Makadi Heights Hurghada Resort whereby he undertakes with this transformation the establishment of complete community places and transforming them from a barren land to this reality within a pre-studied time plan according to the target marketing segment and manages the matter from the beginning of the idea until the opening.

Real estate broker:

He is the person responsible for the mediation process between the property owner and the buyer to initiate all legal actions on the property, such as buying, selling, mortgaging and investing in return for a pre-determined financial percentage.

Real Estate Investment:

It is one of the types of legal actions on real estate, where this is done either by buying and selling, renting or partnerships in order to produce an investment real estate product, even if it is in the form of changing the shape of the real estate.