Motorcycle tour in Vietnam: Top four routes to know

Touring Vietnam by motorcycle is on the list of experiments to do. Driving through Vietnam on a motorcycle will be an adventure that cannot be forgotten. So that you can have a perfect adventure, easy riders in Vietnam offer you a guide to tour Vietnam by motorcycle. Why is Vietnam more perfect for motorcycle tours? The reason is that Vietnam is a long and narrow country, perfect for a motorcycle excursion.

Essential riding gears

The first thing to prepare is a helmet. Besides the fact that wearing a helmet is a law in Vietnam, wearing a helmet also helps you protect yourself. You need an international driver’s license. Take your passport and visa with you in case you have to present identification. In the world of technology, Google Maps is your best friend. However, it is best to carry a paper map with you in case your phone is out of battery. When you go a long way, you cannot avoid injury. Therefore, a first aid kit is needed for your trip.

Ho-Chi-Minh trail in Vietnam

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was originally built during the Vietnam War in the early 1960s. It was 100{829d45d10d29b2435c1cb6c4b08e6668ef46c62f85716b5909e2ec6f492d345b} in the western mountainous areas of the country. It offers many beautiful motorcycle routes with an incredible view of the mountain. All Ho Chi Minh motorcycle tours are a mix of adventure and discovery of the history of the Vietnam War.

Coastal road from qui nhon to Nha trang

Riding on this picturesque coastline is one of the most enjoyable motorcycle rides in Vietnam. The road is about 200 km long and offers an astonishing view between the mountain and the sea. You can stop at every kilometer to enjoy the beautiful view or take a picture of the thin, empty beaches.

Cao bang trail to ban Gioc waterfall

Cao Bang is located on the high plateau in Northeast Vietnam, about 300 km from Hanoi, but it attracts more and more tourists flying into Vietnam due to many interesting attractions and beautiful scenery. It is famous for the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam – Ban Gioc waterfall.

The road across the rock plateau in ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the northernmost lands in Vietnam that straddles the Chinese border. With a breathtaking beauty of nature and its special culture, Ha Giang is now quite open to meet the needs and desires of tourists. Northern Vietnam offers a lot of beautiful routes for motorcycle tours. But the best way to tour Vietnam by motorcycle should be the one from TU LE to Sapa.

How much time does it need?

The time needed to tour Vietnam by motorcycle depends on the route and what you want to do on your trip. If you only want to travel by motorcycle in a part of Vietnam, it will only take you from one week to two weeks. However, if you plan to travel through Vietnam, with nearly 1800 kilometers of roads, it can take up to 6 weeks if you want to enjoy Vietnam’s popular tourist attractions, culture, food, and people in places you pass by. Normally, it takes at least three weeks. It’s long enough to explore the must-sees and short enough not to get bored at some point.