Plan Your Weekend And Book Your Stay At Azure Palm Hot Springs

In the event that an exquisite desert spring with beautiful lodgings, magnificent fairways, liberal spas, and vintage shopping is your jam, an end of the week in Palm Springs is exactly what you need. It has an International air terminal in case you are flying in and leasing a vehicle, but on the other hand, it’s a well-known end-of-the-week escape from the Los Angeles metropolitan region. Pretty much a 2-hour drive from L.A., Palm Springs was once known as the “Jungle gym of the Stars,” as Hollywood eminence like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elizabeth Taylor would unwind and party here as a departure from their tiring film plans.

Where to Stay in Palm Springs

There is some mind-blowing Airbnb and VRBO in Palm Springs that will drench you in the unimaginable mid-century present-day engineering and configuration style that Palm Springs is well known for. Indeed, Palm Springs has the biggest convergence of mid-century present-day private design on the planet. You will feel like you are turning back the clock as you’re encircled by Palm Springs’ cool, signature style. Perhaps the best spot that can satisfy all of your necessities is Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa Oasis. Visit their official site at and book for your ideal excursion.

Which is the right time to visit Plam Srings?

When arranging an end of the week in Palm Springs or any Palm Springs trip, guests ought to totally factor in the climate as those new to the desert environment can be astounded at how much the seasons really fluctuate contingent upon the season. The most ideal months to design a Palm Springs weekend escape are November through April. During this time the climate will in general remain during the 70s and 80s, which is really a superb temperature for your bright retreat.

What should be done During Your Weekend in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is unique, if you booked your stay at and reached your destination then worry less and enjoy. Nothing is excessively far away, and you’ll truly want to design your Palm Springs weekend escape around the temperature. In case it’s excessively hot, you’ll just want to hang by the pool, which means you’ll leave your pre-made arrangements at any rate.

Visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs

In case you’re driving from the LA/Orange County region, you’ll in all likelihood pass by Cabazon (and in case not, it’s just a little ways from downtown Palm Springs). This is the spot of those colossal Cabazon dinosaurs! I’m certain you’ve seen a photograph of them someplace previously.

Moorten botanical garden

This has been around since 1938! We cherished walking around the professional flowerbed, and particularly the nursery devoted to more modest, interesting desert flora and delicious plants.

Hangout in hotel pool

When you are booking your stay from, then you should not worry about a pool to refresh. A pool day in Palm Springs — think palm trees, pool skim, and obviously, great energies. All joking aside, in case you’re not spending your evenings at the pool, you’re not doing Palm Springs right.