Some of the Best Places in Fiji for Honeymoon

If you are ever planning for a trip, vacation or honeymoon, then you should no other place except Fiji. Fiji is popular for its beautiful & pristine island and it is known for friendly people. Fiji is one of the most exemplary or ideal south pacific paradise. It has more than 300 islands to choose from and you will find plenty of attractions in Fiji and some of the best places to visit Fiji. You will also find outer island in Fiji that has their own natural attractions. Besides, that there are world’’ top surf breaks and in another island group you will find mystical caves.

Best Place on Earth –

Fiji is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fiji Honeymoon best places to visit are blue lagoon cruise, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are one of the best places to visit. You can also check the images of the island by Roderick Eime, which is one of the best pictures of the place. Besides that the island has such a combination of blue color water that it looks like God painted. You can choose 3 to 7 night’s cruises and all have flexible schedules that are subject to change depending on the weather and it also includes local festivities.

Best Resorts in Fiji –

Another best place where you can visit is Cloudbreak, Mamanuca Islands. Cloudbreak is one of the most challenging waves for the surfers. Namotu island resort is perfect place in the Mamanuca Island. Some of the best resorts there, which you can visit, are Funky Fish Beach Resort, Plantation Island Resort, Lomani Resort and many more are there. Some of the best places for couples to visit are Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island. Couples who love nature, or who want to go for hiking can choose this place. It has 150 of Rainforest. Besides that, it also has a good and rare tropical plants and beautiful diverse kinds of birds.

Denarau Island –

Denarau island is one of the best islands that couples can visit if you are craving for a shopping, or a good sumptuous meals, and pampering spa. You can also take a walk with your partner near the palms along the beach on a bright sunny day. You can also sit and relax and enjoy the scenic view of the island and the ocean, or you can dig your feet in the white sand and enjoy the beach waters and play around. This place is secluded one, so it is a perfect place for couples to hang around.

Pacific Harbor –

Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu is another place where you can visit and plan your stay. But if you are choosing more of a secluded place then you should visit the Denaru Island for some time. Then, there are gardens and many more luxurious places to visit in Fiji, the list is endless. But the above mentioned are some of the best places that people can visit. There are many good places for honeymoon in Fiji that you can get online, which is very common and the places has also been visited by many. But if you want something unique then choose something unique.