Some of the Best Places to Travel in Houston –

Introduction –

One of the most diverse cities in the country that anyone can ever visit is called Houston. Houston is one such city that has been know for being soulful and smart skilled. People even call Houston as the, ‘Future American city or city of future’. Also, Houston is one such place that receives a lot of praises and Houston deserves the praise. Most of the locals and other people call it as a H-town. There is a plethora of places that you can travel in Houston or visit. Let’s look at some of the best places for Houston Travel – from the Asia town food crawls to bayou side hikes to downtown discoveries, to tours of art and local music, you can travel to many places and explore many things in Houston, Texas.

Visit the Buffalo Bayou Park –

The buffalo bayou park stretches from Shepherd to Sabine and it provides a 160 acres of scenic beauty view and skyline views too. You can also visit the urban green space and you will love discovering the bike and hike trails that is winding along the bayou. You will also find here a mind provoking art installation that is hidden throughout and outdoor activity and performance spaces like the Johnny Steele, Eleanor Tinsley, Dog Park, Joe and Lee Jamail Skatepark and so much more. There you can even find the Dunlavy, the chandelier-lit kitchen and bar, where you can grab some sandwiches and salad, coffee and wine.

Cheering the Home Team Game –

You can also look for fun events that takes places in the park. There you can watch the freedom over Texas fire works on the Independence Day, also there you can get music and food and also attend the beer festivals. The citizens of Houston get to show off their pride by cheering many home teams on the game day. There is also a world series championship that is held, then the Houston Astros – playing at minute maid park in downtown. Toyota centre is also one of the best places to visit to see the fireworks. Then, inside the southern edge of the loop, there is this NRG stadium which is like a home to football tailgates and their soccer fans and visit and watch the games.

Space Centre in Houston –

The most popular of all the attractions in the Houston is the space centre, that also happens to be a NASAs official centre for visiting for its Johnson Space Centre. For the tourist this huge complex is open where they can walk through a life size replica of the shuttle and carrier. You can also get a good experience by touching the rocks collected from the moon and learn more about NASAs forthcoming projects about Mars and so much more.

Visit the Houston Zoo –

One of the main star attractions of the city is the Houston Zoo. It is the only reasons for 1000s of visitors to come here. It is place where you will get to see 6000 exotic species of animals. The zoo also provides information and education for those visitors who want to learn more about the zoology and the zoos in details. You can experience hand-feeding the giraffes, then looking at the sea lions and watching the marine life and so on.