‘Ten important things to know before booking the trip for upcoming year 2023’

For interested travelers, in search of complete wilderness and to experience a picturesque raw and wild country. The perfect adventure destination is Upper Mustang Trek, where one can enjoy a scenic and cultural walk or enjoy the drive.

One of the most fascinating and photogenic landscapes within Nepal’s  North West beyond Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna Himalayas range.

At one time the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo, as it was called by the native of Upper Mustang  is an extension of the South West Plateau of Tibet, the world’s highest and largest plateau or tableland.

An interesting, exciting, and exotic Himalayan destination to venture which will be a lifetime experience for visitors.

A beautiful and wild country, where the old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route of Nepal and Tibet passed through the Upper Mustang now popular for treks. Yaks and mules caravan laden with spices, wool, and various goods, where trade existed between both countries.

The charm and beauty of Upper Mustang Trek are the country’s amazing landscapes of the tall canyon wall and towering eroded cliffs.

 Along with its impressive heritage culture of Tibetan Buddhism, which still exists from the past ancient glory days.

One of the most exciting destinations of Upper Mustang Trekking is its former walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang. The old kingdom walled city reminds travelers of a medieval period era of bygone days.

Exciting destinations to Upper Mustang trek, where one should follow some rules and norms to enjoy this adventure.

01:    Before booking this wonderful Upper Mustang Trek Package, be aware that it

was once a forbidden country for outside world travelers. Opened for foreign visitors from 1992 onwards, remains as restricted area where visitors have to obtain a special permit. To enter Upper Mustang from Kagbeni village onwards, the other permits includes ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project).

02:    For many foreign people think as Mustang a Wild Horse or a sports car.

The word Mustang of Tibetan origin means “The plain or country of Aspiration”.

Which you can notice its farm land of high altitude crops of barley, wheat and buckwheat growing on wide field. An amazing agriculture yielding place on dry and arid high altitude terrain.

03:    At present motorable road has been built where one can drive from Jomsom or Pokhara to Lo-Manthang. The former walled kingdom, the last reigning Raja / King was late Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista, ruled the Mustang areas for more than 50 years, died at the age of 86. Since then royal monarchy from the year 2008 was abolished, as Nepal became a multi-party democratic country.

04:    Interested visitors who are interested in colorful culture of Mustang and the grand festival called Tiji. One of the major highlight of Upper Mustang to be in the festival contact your trekking agents for trek departure to observe the Tiji colorful festival. Held in Lo-Manthang main monastery, the date at present for 2023 year festival is held and celebrated on the 16th to 18th of May. According to Buddhist Lunar calendar. However, one should be in Kathmandu, and for the trek departure at least a week ahead. When booking make the right schedule to coincide with the Tije Festival.

05:    For senior and young age travelers, instead of trekking can take the comfort of four wheel drive all the way to Lo-Manthang. Around Upper Mustang from Jomsom town, after flying in from beautiful city Pokhara.

06:     All traveler for Upper Mustang Trekking, it is best to reach Kathmandu on time before the trek departure, to be familiar with the local culture and environment. As well choosing the right best season which is in late spring

April to May, and autumn from September and October only.

07: Getting Medical and Travel Insurance for this high-altitude adventure, which can cost a little higher than normal trekking. Should cover emergency evacuation by fastest transportation or using Helicopter services.

08: Clients or trekkers should be well aware of Eco-Trekking, and as Responsible Tourist, respect the local culture. As well as dos’ and don’ts, staying healthy throughout the trip in Nepal and taking care of the pristine environment.

09: Before or after booking well in advance, should be well prepared physically, mentally, and in good health. Should counsel your family doctor, regarding the high altitude walks and sicknesses like AMS.

(Acute Mountain Sickness). This is normal on this high-altitude trek if one it’s not aware of how to cope with the situation. Like walking slow pace, having rest quite often, drinking plenty of fluid/water, etc.

10:    Last but not the least, packing the right gear for the trek, the first thing is good trekking boots. Warm clothing, ask for the equipment or gear list with the company booked from. As well as carrying a valid passport not exceeding 6 months expiration date from the day the visa is obtained. Including personal medical or First Aid Kit for own safety and precautions.