Where is Fraser Island? How to get to Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located about 300 kilometers north of Brisbane, and just 15 kilometers from Hervey Bay. There are several regional flights from all over the country to Hervey Bay and Brisbane. You do not need to think much of the Fraser Island Accommodation, as there are resorts in the island, according to your budget and needs. Once you reach there, you can hire a personal jeep or you can share the tour with others, to save money.

Where to stay on Fraser Island

Those who want to stay on the island with more comfort have a choice of hotels in the villages of Kingfisher Bay, Eurong Beach and Happy Valley. For the more economical and the more adventurous, there are options to stay in shared dormitory-style facilities and to camp on the island. In these cases, we recommend closing the accommodation with the car rental company. They provide a tent, mat, stove, pans, thermal bag and all necessary permissions.

Our tip for those going camping is to arrive at the campsite at least half an hour before nightfall, so that you can choose a good place and have time to set up your tent in daylight. It is important to mention that the camping showers are paid separately and that you will need to insert coins for them to work. In 2 days, you can get to know the primary attractions. However, at least a three days tour is recommended.

Main attractions in the interior of the island

Lake Mackenzie is, without a doubt, the most amazing attraction on the island. Lake Mackenzie is formed by crystal-clear fresh water, blue in color, which emerges against a backdrop of white sand and several trees. Stunning emerald green, Lake Webby is surrounded by huge sand dunes and forests. The southern region of Fraser Island is also home to several other amazing lakes.

Main attractions on the island’s coast

Located on the East Coast of Fraser Island, 75 Mile Beach Drive is a 75-mile road in the sand that runs between the main attractions of the island’s coastline. Considered the most popular and busiest attraction on 75 Mile Beach Drive, Eli Creek is a river formed by green water, filtered by the sand of the island. One of the most photographed spots on the island, Maheno Shipwreck is an old luxury ship, also used as a hospital during World War I. Besides the pinnacles colored rocks, another interesting rock formation is Red Canyon. Located in the north of the island, Indian Head is a high rock, from which you can have beautiful views of the sea and the beach. It is also a popular whale watching spot. To get to the lookout, you have to walk uphill.

Places to be avoided

Fraser Island roads are divided between demarcated soft sand roads in the interior of the island and direct driving on beaches, where there is no demarcated road. For safety reasons, some beaches are closed to vehicular traffic. If you are driving a rental car, your rental company will likely impose extra restrictions on you. However, do not be discouraged, you will still have many kilometers of sandy road to have a lot of fun with your 4×4.