4 Ice Cream Spots to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Are you a dessert enthusiast and about to arrive in Kuala Lumpur for hitting the ideal summer vacation? Well, roll-up your sleeves for trying out unlimited options and treat your taste buds with tasty ice creams.  Normally, the weather stays reasonably warm in the town making it the ideal environment for eating ice creams and as there are many options, so finding according to your budget is not the difficult task.

Furthermore, with enjoying internationally common flavours, you also enjoy the traditional ones enhances your taste buds ideally, so being a foodie, you are about to make the most out of this city. Additionally, you also find a wide range of other desserts that you can try out after your favourite meals during your trip, so gear-up to have the unforgettable vacation. In this write-up, you are going to explore some incredible ice cream spots in the town, so gear-up to add all of them in your bucket list.

  • Softsrve

One thing is clear that your trip to this amazing city is incomplete if you never explore this fantastic ice cream spot offering awesome flavours without getting expensive. For rocking out your dessert experience, you can pair out your ice cream with waffles and with that; you must not forget its speciality called Oolongcha. While entering this spot, you find a large number of people trying out its ice cream revealing its huge popularity. While searching best ice creams online, it is also better to log on to the website of Agoda where you can also explore a wide range of ice cream spots and for availing discounts, you must grab Agoda promo code.

  • Nerdunit’s Nnnice

It has also been serving delicious ice creams to both locals and foreign tourists in the town for so long and since the beginning, it has never compromised on quality, so trying its ice cream is also inevitable for you. While digging out its menu, you come across the flavours like New era, Bearbrick and Restricted area, so do try these interesting flavours and sweeten your journey.

  • Pun’s Ice Cream

Indeed, it is also the favourite choice of many people in the town and like others, it also fixes into your budget, so you shouldn’t skip it out if you really sweeten your taste. Additionally, it also serves quality food making it the one-stop-solution to have a complete meal with tasty desserts. Though, its every flavour offers you a unique taste but the prominent one is Super Ring one, the most-ordered flavour in this ice cream spot.

  • Jersey Jack Gelato

Won’t you try the delicious Italian ice cream flavour in this reasonably warm weather condition of Kuala Lumpur? So gear-up to visit this place and feel free to try it out as it is not expensive. While exploring its menu, you come across the huge range of gelato flavours, so get ready to enhance your taste buds with amazing desserts.