Celebrating your anniversary with customized luxury Nile cruise is an ultimate choice

Anniversary celebrations are a favorite among all of us. One of the most memorable ways to celebrate an anniversary is with a Luxury Nile cruise in Egypt. The Nile is the ideal place to spend a trip since it provides opportunities to learn about the region’s fascinating past during the day and to enjoy delicious food and beautiful sunsets with your special someone in the evening.

Celebrate in style with mouth-watering dishes

Nile River cruise ships are among the most luxurious in the world, with luxurious suites and amenities. You may expect the cruise’s food to be the highlight of your romantic celebration, as is the case with every trip. Whether you’re having a casual lunch at a cafe or a formal dinner at a restaurant, the diverse cuisine and beautiful presentation of the buffet will make each meal a highlight of your day. You can have drinks and snacks on the upper decks of most Nile boats while taking in the sights, or you can visit one of the vessels’ many restaurants. 

Lifelong recollections

An unforgettable experience is to relax with a glass of wine and watch the sunset from the deck of your luxury river cruise ship. Those who choose a 7-night Nile River Cruise will be immersed in Egypt’s rich culture and history. Visit the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and Queens on your anniversary to celebrate the occasion in style. When taking a cruise, there are always fresh sights to see and experiences to have.

Let’s take a cruise in a luxury vessel, shall we?

Spending the extra money on a luxury 5-star cruise ship for your anniversary will guarantee you a memorable and enjoyable vacation. Then you’ll know you’re getting the best fittings and service available, as well as some of the highest safety requirements in the country. When you book your cruise with Luxor and Aswan travel, you’ll receive 12 fully led trips at no extra cost to familiarize yourself with the World Heritage Sites you’ll be seeing.

A cruise down the Nile is the epitome of a traditional vacation, making it the ideal venue for a wedding or anniversary celebration. Enjoying a trip to Egypt and taking a Nile cruise is an unforgettable experience. Discover one of the world’s oldest civilizations while having the spectacular vacation of your dreams. For inquiries or reservations, please get in touch.

Beautiful weather

Late summertime in Egypt is typically very warm. Highs in September average 35 degrees and barely dip to 30 degrees in October, making a Nile cruise outside of the peak season a cost-effective and pleasurable way to spend your vacation. High summer temperatures can be unbearable, but later in the year is a more pleasant time to visit if you want to avoid the heat without giving up your sunbathing plans entirely.


Imagine sipping a martini while lazily floating down the Nile on a warm day. Does that strike you as a reasonable assumption? Yes, of course that makes sense. With Luxor and Aswan travel, you may book a Nile cruise for a romantic late summer escape or a fun-filled family vacation on the Nile.