Diving in Punta Cana: Tips and Best Locations

What more can you do in the Dominican Republic besides go to the beach, go for walks, and participate in leisure activities? In the sports and leisure arena, there is another beautiful thing to do, diving in Punta Cana, a place you may admire the gorgeous aquatic fauna and other hidden mysteries under the water with the assistance of a group of specialists.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, it is vital to consider certain factors when participating in scuba diving Punta Cana trips and selecting the best locations so that your experience with this activity is truly unforgettable.

What exactly is Punta Cana diving?

When you talk on diving in Punta Cana, you’re talking about one of the most interesting activities you can have in the area. And, conflicting to popular belief, you do not need experience to dive because there are several tour teams that will provide you with the required instructions to enjoy the experience.

To participate in a diving expedition near Punta Cana’s beaches, the team of experienced divers that you hire will provide you with some basic lessons to ensure your safety. They will also accompany you at all times in case you require assistance while diving into the depths of the water.

The beautiful thing about diving in Punta Cana is that the sea itself has all of the required conditions for the activity: crystal clear water and a pleasant temperature of around 27 ° C. Furthermore, marine creatures are quite quiet, so you may dive near to them, whether with a turtle or a tiger shark, which is one of the most innocuous shark species.

Divers in Punta Cana can partake in a variety of sea explorations.

If you wish to learn about marine life and visit buried ships with a rich history, the diving options in Punta Cana include a variety of circuits from which to learn about the region.

In this scenario, there are three sorts of aquatic adventures to choose from: interactions with marine animals, dives within amazing shipwrecks metres from Punta Cana’s beaches, and a fantastic night diving excursion for the most courageous.

Marine flora and fauna

Punta Cana is bordered by a reef, which is home to a wide range of marine animals that are difficult to view from the surface. Sharks and turtles are generally visible while on a boat tour, but stingrays and goldfish can only be viewed by diving into the sea.

If you want to travel further deeper, you can visit an underground cavern acknowledged as La Cueva, which houses a fantastic natural marine gem that will make you feel like you’re inside a movie.

Wreck diving

Wreck diving has been increasingly popular in Punta Cana in recent years, where you may discover beautiful ships sunk due to storms or collisions with the reef.

One of the most well-known ships was a Russian ship that sank some decades ago while transporting corn to Cuba. It crashed with the reef on one of its voyages and split in two, making it one of the top diving spots in Punta Cana due to its ease of access through kayaks or group boat cruises.