Get a guide before deciding on Vacation package to northern lights

Speaking about the planet, one can find many beautiful places that are a privilege to see. Aurora Borealis is something that most people wish to see. However, planning a vacation package to northern lights is a bit daunting experience.

The northern lights are visible every year only in the winters and it occurs due to the particles in our atmosphere and from the sun crash, giving away colored light as energy. If you want to be a part of this stunning spectacle, consider a vacation package to northern lights.

Things to consider before seeing the northern lights:

  • Pick a night that is totally dark. A full moon.
  • Visible between Aril and September
  • Get away from a city so that light pollution has an impact on the view.
  • The night must have no cloud cover
  • Ensure solar activity for the visibility of the aurora.


To increase chances, a few things to consider for a vacation package to northern lights:

  • Extend your trip- Plan to stay near the Northern Lights area and increase the possibilities of seeing. It is statistics; the better is the chances when you remain closer to the viewing spots.
  • Take a tour- Considering Northern Lights as guided tours can find the right viewing spots and right conditions. Going on a tour is a benefit to experience than to consider guess work.
  • Follow darkness- The better is the chances when it is dark outside. It is the time to see the brilliant show of the lights. The chances increase of seeing an aura. Plant to see areas having each night larger area of darkness.
  • Northern locations- North Iceland and West fjords have darkness in their evening and thus the chances increase. Visit during the months of September and October and camp out at night, taking a tent faraway. Staying awake for the entire night under the stars increases the possibilities of catching a glimpse.
  • Stay up late- Vacation package to northern lights requires one to stay up late. It is a must to plan the trip with the idea of camping out. The greater is the opportunity to see the aurora borealis only when you are ready to stay awake at night. The best is to take a nap in the noon and to set out, so that you do not dose of accidentally just before the starting of watching aurora.