Tahiti Vs Maldives: Are You Confused Between Two? Give A Read To This Article To Clear Your Confusion

When it comes to tropical paradise, it is no better than Tahiti or the Maldives. Here are two quintessential archipelago islands that reach the top before the honeymoon with amazing beaches and beautiful lakes.

So how do you choose between the two – Tahiti vs Maldives? In Tahiti or the Maldives, if you are planning a vacation read on to learn more about these two islands.

Tahiti vs Maldives: Where are they?

Let’s start with some geography. In the South Pacific Ocean, 4,400 km south of Hawaii, 7,900km from Chile and 5,700km from Australia you will find Tahiti.

Tahiti is a group of archipelagoes consisting of black sand beaches, harbors and waterfalls, covered by the French artist Paul Gauguin. In French Polynesia the largest island and is divided into Tahiti Nui (large part, west) and Tahiti Iti (eastern peninsula). In Tahiti 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty was shot with Marlon Brando.

Maldives is currently a small island in the north-central Indian Ocean and its closest neighbors are India and Sri Lanka – both 400 miles [600 km] inland.

While both destinations offer spectacular beaches and lakes, Tahiti offers the most spectacular views – the highest point in Tahiti is 2,241 meters – while in the Maldives the beauty of the sea, with world-class skiing.

Tahiti vs Maldives: Island Hoping

Many tourists will travel from Papeete to at least one other island, such as Moore or Bora Bora who are visiting Tahiti. There are usually many resorts on each island and it is a great way to see the different islands in Tahiti. Your hotel or resort may offer you a discount if you decide to stay in a few different hotels within the same series.

Most hotels and resorts are on the toll (coral islands) in the Maldives, so you will stay in one place during your stay. However, the transfer of the magnificent sea plane to your resort sounds like jumping on an island and will add to the journey to reach your destination.

Tahiti vs Maldives: Honeymoon

Both islands also attract couples and wedding holidays in search of privacy, romance and plenty of activities all set against a stunning background.

Maldives Honeymoon

Known for its one-stop islands and overwater bungalows, the Maldives is all about private, special, honeymoon lovers.

The Maldives resorts are ideal for environmentally friendly luxury resorts from high-rise apartment buildings to underwater hotels and single-island islands. By focusing on high-end resorts, the Maldives may be less expensive than Tahiti, but it offers world-class food, services and services.

Tahiti Honeymoon

Any honeymoon going to Tahiti will no doubt involve staying underwater as it was established here! See yourself floating on the green water; you can see the sea life in your room.

When it comes to cuisine, Tahitian flavors have a distinct French influence with much of Polynesian culture. Polynesians love food and especially the tamara’a (feast), where many dishes will be served in front of you. One of the most popular dishes in Tahiti is fresh fish served with a poisson cru style. This dish can be prepared with white or red tuna or bonito fish cut into cubes, dipped in lemon juice, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, spring onions and coconut milk.