Top Attractions in Franklin, TN to Explore

Franklin, Tennessee, is a unique mix of history and current development. Benjamin Franklin was the founder of this town, which was founded in 1799. Thousands of historic tourists visit the Battle of Franklin, Carnton, the Carter House, and many other historic sites throughout the city each year to see one of the deadliest conflicts in the Civil War.

Franklin was named a Distinctive Destination by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2009 for providing an authentic visitor experience by combining bustling downtowns, cultural variety, appealing architecture, and a strong dedication to historic preservation.

The American Planning Association (APA) was founded in the same year. So, if you are in the town, you must not miss the opportunity to explore  top attractions in Franklin, Tennessee. Let’s begin with the top five to explore.

The Best Places to Visit in Franklin

Here comes the list:

  1. The Factory At Franklin

The ancient Dortch Stove Works facility, located just near the Square and a mile down the East Main Street, was established in 1929 to manufacture electronic ovens. They became more common among the people living in America.

The smoky whistle that signaled shift changes was heard, but in 1996, a local visionary saved the shuttered demolition structure and rebuilt it. The Factory is now a shopping attraction with craftsmen, art classes, and a fantastic Farmer’s Market every weekend.

  1. Leiper’s Fork

This little town known as Leiper’s Fork will not disappoint if you’re seeking antiques and presents, grand music, an enjoyable lunch, or another inviting location to move your legs. It’s a scene from rural central Tennessee, with its small settlements dotting the terrain.

The entertaining and distinctive collection of shops, galleries, restaurants, and good people are found here with world-class talent. These hills, like a lot of states that have seen moonshines around.

  1. Arrington Vineyards

You may not think of Franklin as a classy wine country, but Arrington Vineyards are the best. The perfect location for a fantastic picnic experience is acres of trellised grapevines, and you can buy snacks and drink 18 award-winning wine blends from the winery if you pick a table, a fireplace, or the best spot on the hillside to spread out a blanket.

  1. America’s Main Street

Main Street in Franklin has been the heart of the city’s life since 1799. Today’s Main Street is known worldwide for its diverse architecture, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and more. It is anchored by the Public Square and surrounded by 16 blocks of historic homes and buildings.


  1. Greeneville

Greeneville, Tennessee is the county place of Greene County and is located in Tennessee. According to the 2020 census, the entire population was up to 15,479. The town is the second oldest in Tennessee and was named after the hero Nathanael Greene.

 Although there are other towns named Greenville in the United States, it is the exact one with the accurate spelling. During East Tennessee’s 18th-century history, the State of Franklin was known as the short-lived country.

Therefore, these are the best locations to visit when you travel to Franklin.