Things to Do In Puerto Rico to Make Your Trip Memorable

After a long period of time of your work or office preferences, everyone needs a break to get refresh and re-channelize of energies.  So Things to do in Puerto Rico is the best destination to find some peace and spend your precious time with your loved ones

Here is the list of 10 things to do in Puerto Rico:

  1. Visit old San Juan

Old San Juan is the place to watch historic and iconic sights of the vibrant culture. The architecture is also attention-seeking and to find yourself in a different zone.

  1. El morro (sightseeing)

El morro is just out of the San Juan harbor and beckons to cruise ships, visiting a six-storey fortress started in 1539. It was originally built to deter sea attacks a. Nowadays it is a wonderful tourist point to spend time

  1. Flamenco beach

On the island of Culebra, 20 miles east of Puerto Rico, Flamenco beach is a perfect place for families. Beach sports are also the point of attraction here. To fulfill the hunger of the adventurous giant inside of you this place is like the perfect snack material

  1. Rum tours

Puerto Rico is said to be the Rum capital of the world. A journey is incomplete without tasting its top export beverage ‘Rum’.

  1. Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana generally means the ‘the window cave’ is another outdoor adventure in Puerto Rico. Trips are been given to the tourists to learn about the flora and fauna of the cave by professional biologists. Cueva Ventana might be a cavern on a sedimentary stone drop-off inside the rocky city of Arecibo concerning AN hour from the city. Its name deciphers as a “cave window.” One climbs up and shows up through for a shocking read of mountains and waterways. Head over on a workday.

  1. Crash boat beach

The name doesn’t mean any fiery place to get away. This beach is a perfect destination for snorkelling in its clear water. After a day in the sun, a short drive to Aguadilla’s restaurant makes it worth spending.

  1. Calle Del Cristo

If you are fond of shopping and seeking something outlets, then old San Juan is the place to let go out of a few dollars. This place is a haven of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and obviously the makeovers. Females almost intrigued by the beauty of Calle del Cristo